We have upgraded to DirectAdmin 1.59.4. Here are the changes:

Adult filter to use template (TEMPLATES)
New install default: dkim=2
Default change: login_history_include_login_as=0
Show the included deleted user bandwidth
Domain Pointers option to receive duplicate dns entries from master domain (SKINS)
gzip compression on 2222 data transfers
Plugins can add level menus in Evo (PLUGINS)
gzip compression on 2222
Add license verification button on Admin -> Licenses/Updates page (SKINS)
Default: mysql_detect_correct_methods=1 for new installs
Admin Stats: change device usage to use /proc/net/dev
scripts: addip/removeip to use "ip" commands instead of ifconfig
JSON: Show list of document roots for all domains under this User
one-click phpMyAdmin Login: User login can see all databases (SKINS)
Better response codes for file sends
per-user.conf check_subdomain_owner override
System account to support RoundCube SSO
Support http OPTIONS method
DNS: rndc for efficient immediate reloads
Domain Already Exists: check multiple areas
Add "Default" to the system account on E-Mail Accounts page (SKINS)
Ability to disable: check_home_path_on_user_create=1

Bug Fixes:
Domain suspended by Admin should not be unsuspended by User or Reseller
Improve action=rewrite&value=all_lists to check user.conf creator
MariaDB 10.1 needs CREATE USER before GRANT on restore: system account
Restore: use mysql_old_password if old password format is used
Mailing List: Edit: json out not to be html encoded
RoundCube/PhpMyAdmin one-click Login/SSO: use x-forwarded-for IP
scripts/ftp_upload.php improvements
nginx apache proxy not rotating correct number of logs.
named_reload=yes to respect named_service_override
readLine no longer ignores lines without trailing newlines
Domain deletion with pointers throws 'Account fred with domain fred.com has an empty caroot cert'
PHP1_RELEASE not set in php-fpm.conf in some scenarios
More validation on password changes: Low (SECURITY)
Debian 8: Loading E-Mail accounts page causes segfault
CMD_DNS_MX: cannot delete MX records from MX records page
FreeBSD: ssh keys: use <<EOL... EOL instead of <<<'...'
Port on referrer check override breaks match
Ensure curl supports --ftp-ssl-reqd or --ssl-reqd in ftp_upload.php/ftp_list.php

Detailed information may be found on the DirectAdmin webpage:

Saturday, October 26, 2019

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