• Server Security:
    We are testing the blocklists feature of CSF firewall to help eliminate abusive bots, attacks, and other malicious activity on our servers. The blocklists are made up of IP addresses known to cause trouble and they are being continually updated throughout the day. We believe this will help cut down on accounts being hacked, spam being sent from our servers, and overall server load.

    Due to the blocklists feature, we will be slightly raising the limits that CSF has in place to help prevent legitimate users from being blocked who simply forgot their password or have failed to properly type it multiple times.

    We are also testing LiteSpeed's new reCAPTCHA feature on our French servers. If we do not see any issues as a result, we will begin deploying this setting across the other web servers.

    More security related enhancements are being looked into, but we'll save that for future updates.

  • Payment Methods:
    We have decided to disable cryptocurrency payments due to a large amount of signups that used our hosting services to run phishing and scam sites.

  • cPanel:
    We are bringing back cPanel hosting with slightly higher prices due to the higher pricing cPanel has imposed on us. Our $1/month hosting will now be $15 per year, $2 hosting will be $25 per year, $3 hosting will be $35 per year. We will also have smaller terms available if needed. If you'd like to switch over to our cPanel hosting, please submit a ticket to sales for now and we can get you setup.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Breck B.
    Warpline Management

Monday, October 14, 2019

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