News: Client area and billing updates

Published: 07/12/2022

Dear Clients,

We updated our billing area with a new theme which should help with viewing on mobile devices and give it a new refreshed look.  If you have any issues in the client area with something missing or bugged, please submit a ticket to management and we'll check it out.  As you all know, this is a new system so we're gradually making tweaks and improvements to it on a daily basis.

For countries that don't use the USD as their default currency, we've switched your invoicing to EUR.  We did this because we moved our accounting and taxation to Europe.  The more payments we receive in EUR, the less conversion fees we have to pay and the easier it is for us to keep our prices low.  As of this post, the USD and EUR rates are exactly 1:1, so you should see no difference in price.  If you prefer to pay in USD, please submit a ticket and we can switch your account.  I expect that the EUR price will continue to decline against the USD, which means you might end up paying more if you decide to stay in USD.

We're always open to suggestions, concerns, or issues.  Please submit a ticket to the management department if you have any.  Thanks for your continued business and support!

Warpline Management